about us
There a many thousands of HIV+ heterosexual people in the UK, but
there exists little by way of support
for us. Str8Talk was set up by HIV+ heterosexuals for HIV+ heterosexuals.
It aims to:
  • Provide meaningful peer support
    so that individuals can share
    issues and concerns regarding all aspects of their diagnosis in a friendly mutually supportive environment. Three monthly group meetings and discussion
    workshops offer an opportunity
    to share views, ask questions
    and learn from the experiences
    of others in the same boat.
  • Provide an enriching and empowering social network for
    its members by arranging regular social events in which HIV+ heterosexuals can make new
    friends in a stigma-free relaxed environment.
  contact on 020 7812 1777 (monday-friday, 9.30-5) or email
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